I recently bought Victoria Ring’s Initial Intake Forms Package and have since implemented them in my bankruptcy practice. The forms have been extremely helpful at weeding out unwanted clients or clients that I will be unable to help. This has saved me a tremendous amount of time. Additionally, it makes my initial consultation much quicker and more importantly allows me to spend time on building rapport with potential clients and not asking them a laundry list of rudimentary questions.

Ryan Hogan, Attorney at Law
Hogan Law Firm, PLC
Orland Florida


Through our extensive research and working one-on-one with bankruptcy attorneys across the country, we found that the average law firm spends approximately 2.35 hours with every client before a Retainer Agreement is signed.  If this time were cut in half, a law firm could potentially increase their profits by 200% or even more.  However, the goal of the Initial Intake Form developed by Victoria Ring of Colorado Bankruptcy Training is to cut the client intake time to a mere 30 minutes (or less if received online via email).  This makes the Initial Intake Form a very powerful tool that can be utilized not only to save time but also to increase profits.


The first goal of the Initial Intake Form is to provide the attorney with enough information so that he or she can more accurately project the figures for Schedule I and J of the bankruptcy petition.  This will enable the attorney to more accurately determine the complexities of the case as well as the possibility whether this case will most like become a Chapter 7 or 13.  In the past this method was taught by seasoned attorneys to new attorneys entering the field.  But today, many new attorneys begin a bankruptcy practice with little or no access to seasoned attorneys who can properly train them. This is one reason the Initial Intake Form is so effective.


The second goal of the Initial Intake Form is to provide the attorney with enough information to ascertain the complexity of the case by examining other areas outside the financial method discussed in Goal No 1.  The attorney simply matches the answer provided by the debtor, then looks up the question in the Operations Manual.  The Operations Manual will provide a variety of scenarios that could occur if the debtor answered a question with a “YES” or “NO.”  The attorney only has to review the answers to the questions provided by the clients and be able to immediately recognize red flags that could cause potential problems. This way, the attorney can provide better and more fairer fees to their clients.  For simple cases, those clients can pay a fee that is at the lower end of the scale, while the more complex bankruptcy case will be priced at the higher end of the scale; thereby preventing surprises.


The third goal of the Initial Intake Form is to cross-reference information to ensure the information the client(s) provide is accurate.  This allows the attorney to maintain better due diligence which is now a requirement under the new bankruptcy code.  After the Initial Intake Form is completed and the Retainer Agreement signed, the attorney provides the clients with the standard Intake Forms to take home and complete. Once the clients return the standard Intake Forms, the information is cross-referenced with the information originally provided on the Initial Intake Form. This ensures more accurate petitions and fewer problems later on.

CLICK HERE for a free set of standard Intake Forms in English
CLICK HERE for a free set of standard Intake Forms in Spanish


The fourth and final goal of the Initial Intake Forms is to assist in streamlining intake operations.  This is important today because of the massive growth of the debtor bankruptcy field.  Old methods that used to work no longer work because of the fast moving needs and requirements within the industry itself.


4-Page Initial Intake Form

Provides the client with the ability to quickly provide “YES” and “NO” answers.  The form should not take longer than 10 minutes to fill out for the average client. This form is provided in Word, HTML and PDF form-fillable formats.

75-Page Operations Manual

In PDF format, this Operations Manual is the HEART of the concept.  It contains valuable informati9n that provides step-by-step instructions for using the Initial Intake Package and interpreting the answers provided by the clients.

The Adobe Acrobat version is form fillable.  It can be completed online or any computer in your office. The form is fully customizable to comply your law firm operations.

After customizing the top of the form with your law firm information (using the registered version of Adobe Acrobat) you can place this PDF file on your website to download, or send via email when an inquiry is made by the client.  The client opens up the file and can immediately begin typing into the form. They save it and email back to you for evaluation.  If you decide to take the case, you can contact the client and schedule a full client intake where the remaining detailed information is obtained for the preparation of the bankruptcy petition.

If you do not have a registered version of Adobe Acrobat, CLICK HERE to email us and we will personalize the form for your law firm for only $25.00.  However, we strongly recommend that you consider making the investment into purchasing the registered version of Adobe Acrobat as you will use it often in your bankruptcy practice.  CLICK HERE for more information on purchasing Adobe Acrobat.

The HTML version is designed to collect the information from your website. It is totally customizable so that the form integrates with your website seamlessly.

When the client calls into the office, provide them with your website address and a link to this Initial Intake Form.  The clients will fill out the form and the results are emailed to you.  You review the information and decide whether to take the case or not based upon their answers to the “YES” and “NO” questions.

To customize the form, you can use any web based program. You copy and paste the HTML code like you do any other copy and paste.  In order for the form to deliver the information to your email address, you will need to contact your web host to find out what they require for forms to work. All web hosts are different.  Additionally, there is a free, easy-to-use form service available online at http://www.jotform.com/